William Brinkman

Points of Known Existence

My name is William Brinkman, and welcome to my web page. Created in 1996, it's gone through quite a few changes. I can remember when I first hand coded this site. I'd been impressed with the web pages I'd seen, and I was amazed how easy it was to create a page. Of course they're easy to make, but hard to master.

Why is this site called Points of Known Existence? It's a title that I've had in my head for years, and putting that title on this web site seemed to make perfect sense at the time.

2009: I'm now using the site to store my old short stories. Most of my new work will be on my Live Journal page.

This web site is divided into three sections:

This is my on-line collection of essays and short stories. You can follow the evolution of my writing since 1990.
I shared my apartment with a very sweet cat. This section has pictures of her, and her short bio.
YearlyKos 07
These are some pictures I took at the Daily Kos 2007 convention.

If you decide to check out the rest of my web site, please feel free to sign my guest book, or send me an e-mail.

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